Sustainability Philosophy
Design and communication can play a key role in developing sustainable systems that are more inclusive and accessible. The creative world has a wealth of talented, intuitive, and empathetic individuals committed to making the world better and understanding the people for whom they are designing. Those skills can be extremely valuable in addressing many of the challenges we currently face. I hope to advocate for the power of human-centered design and visual storytelling in creating a more sustainable world.
About Me
In 2023 I received my Master of Arts in Sustainable Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I am an experienced visual designer and photographer with a bachelor's in Graphic Design from DePaul University.

As I have advanced in my career, I have been increasingly driven to utilize my skills in visual communication and user experience to their full potential, helping to promote the design of systems that are not only more sustainable and equitable, but restorative. I hope to partner with like-minded organizations that wish to improve their own environmental and social impacts.
I aim to advocate for the following core values and goals within my coursework:
•    Accessibility and inclusion - encouraging both human and life-centered UX that makes the more people/planet-friendly options both more desirable and more accessible, rather than something perceived as expensive, difficult, or reserved for certain demographics
•    Adaptation and resilience in the face of climate issues - designing solutions that move away from the overwhelming and helpless feeling many associate with the climate crisis, and making people feel more empowered to take steps in their own lives, while being a positive influence on others
•    Joy and a passion for the natural world - shifting the narrative around the climate crisis to include more positivity, in order to provoke a sense of curiosity and help instill passion and a motivation to stay engaged
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